Who owns your data?

Posted by Rob Gardner on 02-Jun-2016 19:36:31
Rob Gardner

If you read the latest red top newspaper, you will no doubt see the latest scary article about how your data doesn't belong to you, it's being stolen by Russian hackers and all sorts of other wonderful fairy tales. These stories make entrusting your data to the cloud, instead of a physical server in your practice a nerve wracking time for any practice owner. Who owns your patient records and practice data? Is it you? Is it your service provider? Well, with Dentally (and every other cloud based service), you always own your data.

Let me be clear about this:

You own your data.

Dentally will never own you or your patients data in any way. We regard your data as private and confidential to you and your patients. You can find further details in our Terms of Service, but if you don't want to read a really exciting Terms and Conditions you could read the even more exciting Data Protection Act.

Dentally is very conscious and sympathetic that you may be nervous when it comes to your data. Nobody wants to fall foul of bad medicolegal practices and this worry is completely understandable. Indeed, Dentally is so aware of this that the only time that anyone from Dentally will even have access to your data is when access is needed to support your practice or resolve a customer issue, or as detailed in our Terms of Service (linked above for your convenience). The absolute minimum amount of data needed to resolve your issue is accessed and, you can, of course, stop Dentally support staff from accessing your data by disabling support access in your account settings.

If this doesn't belay your fears, please call us and we'd be delighted to discuss our privacy policy with you. You can always get us on 020 3856 5610.

If you don't own my data, what do you do with it?

Great question! What Dentally does do, is it gives you the tools to protect your data.

As a practice owner, you will be more than aware of the need for confidentiality when it comes to your patients. Dentally gives you the ability to control who you give access to the data. Through the use of a role based administration system you can give the minimum access required for each staff member to complete their jobs. You can find out more about our permission levels here.

We also provide you with the ability to protect your data beyond just the usual password, using Two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security on top of passwords by the requirement of a unique code generated at the time of each and every login.

A patient is requesting their record, what do I do?

A patient has full rights to see their records, whether that's informally viewing them in-surgery or sending a formal request to the practice. If a patient is requesting access to their information, it's a very simple process to give them this information. In Dentally you can download a patient's full medical history into a PDF format. You can easily email them this PDF for their digital records or print it out for them if needed.

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