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Using video to make customer support great

One of our main goals with Dentally is to bring really great customer support to our users. As Dentally is completely online dental software we have a whole range of tools available to us that we can use to help our users. Having listened to the needs of our users we're happy to announce a whole new approach to our customer Help Centre.

Introducing Videos

We're now rolling out little quick videos for our support docs to make using the Dentally Help Centre a much easier experience. You'll be able to easily see which of our support docs have videos as they'll have a little star next to them.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so at the time or writing this we have just released our first video on how to unlock completed treatment items in Dentally, which you can check out below or head on over to our help centre, here.

Over the next couple of months we'll be rolling out lots more onto our existing articles. We'd love to hear your thoughts on which articles should be first to get videos, we've started a discussion on our forum.

We're going to be rolling out many more of these, stay tuned!!

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