Patient management software:  cloud or hosted?..

6th October 2018

In today’s marketplace, dental practitioners are faced with so many choices and decisions to make as to the best way of running their practice, and which tools can assist them.  

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Yet more functionality for the Dentally iPad App

4th October 2018

With Dentally your patients can expect a smooth and seamless patient experience, the Dentally iPad app allows your reception team to check in patients as they arrive for their appointments, and patients themselves can create and sign medical history, plus consent to planned treatments.

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Invoicing Efficiency

30th August 2018

We have changed how invoices work in Dentally – which means you can now edit an invoice. Our Engineering team have made it easier for your reception team to add sundries directly to an invoice at their permission level.  Users can now quickly create a list of the sundries sold on a daily basis…

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Dentally, the dental software revolution

9th January 2018

Dentally is an exciting UK-based healthcare technology company which provides cloud-based dental software.

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Practice Welcome Pack

7th September 2016

With the recent announcement of email attachments, Dentally has really opened up the possibilities of email in dental software.

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How flexible is Dentally

25th August 2016

One of the areas where we wholly beat the competitors is in the flexibility that our dental software offers. Being cloud-based means that you can access Dentally from home with the exact same functionality that you expect from your dental software in the surgery.

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Using dental software for out-of-hours

6th July 2016

As practice managers will know all too well, most dental practices have some sort of out-of-office hours or emergency cover scheme in place. Sometimes this particular responsibility is transferred to the NHS but other times dental practice owners can decide to run some form of 24 hour care for…

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The Matter of Consent

22nd June 2016

The matter of consent always opens a very interesting discussion within the dental profession. It is vitally important for dental professionals to be up-to-date with the most current best practice when it comes to consent.

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Automating processes to improve practice efficiency Part 1

14th June 2016

Successfully implementing a marketing plan is becoming more and more of a necessity when you are a dental practice owner. How can you automate some of these processes to help you save time, and are there any ways that your dental software can help you out?

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Is starting a dental practice good business?

2nd June 2016

A recent article in the Dentistry magazine claimed that starting up a dental practice is the 4th best business to start if you want it to be successful.

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