NHS Scotland - Prior Approvals

19th November 2018

Dentally is delighted to be officially approved and compliant to the NHS Practitioner Services Divisions (PSD) e-Dental Programme Phase 2 reforms for NHS Scotland. Scottish dental practitioners can be confident that they can undertake their NHS work effectively with Dentally.

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English & Welsh 2018 NHS fees already set in Dentally

14th March 2018

The 2018 NHS fees for England and Wales have been released in recent weeks. In summary, in case you’ve missed it, they are to be the following:

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Dentally is eDental approved - NHS Scotland

31st January 2018

We are delighted to announce that Dentally is now an approved software supplier for transmitting claims to the Scottish Board via eDental.

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The NHS Healthcheck

22nd July 2016

Keeping on top of your NHS contract can be tough, no doubt about it. During training we are often asked what the best way of keeping track of whether a practice is meeting the targets in their NHS contract and how to manage it. Of course, every practice runs a little differently but we have a…

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10 years on - The UDA/UOA system

5th April 2016

The 1st of April 2016 marked the 10th year anniversary since the UDA/UOA contracts came into force.

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The Complete Guide to NHS DMF Indicators

31st March 2016

A few weeks ago I briefly covered the changes that the NHS are making this April. Jonny has recently explained a bit about Compass. In this post. we'll be learning more about the new NHS decayed, missing and filled teeth indicators (DMF) that are being introduced to the FP17 forms.

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NHS - What is Compass?

23rd March 2016

Unless you have been buried by a pile of FP17s battling to catch up with your end of year UDA target you would have no doubt had some exposure to Compass-gate; the rollout of NHS Dental Services latest IT mega project. Although several bulletins and statements released by the NHS Business…

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NHS Changes April 2016

15th March 2016

After the recent introduction of Compass it's fair to say that change is in the air at the BSA. Below we've detailed the changes that the NHS are making and how these may apply to you and your dental software.

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What do you do when you mix private and NHS patients in the same practice?

4th February 2016

Practices often decide to supplement their income by introducing private patients into their practice alongside their NHS patients. This is a great way of dealing when a practice is overcapacity on it's contract or in a particularly popular area.

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NHS downtime 25th - 28th January 2016 - Procedure for Dentally NHS Clients

25th January 2016

You should have recently received an email from the NHS informing you that your practice will not be able to transmit EDI claims between 8am on 25th January and 3pm on 28th January whilst the NHS perform a system upgrade.

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