Save time with online appointments

25th September 2019

Online appointment booking is available for Dentally, which allows your patients to book 24/7.

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Online appointment booking

15th July 2019

Did you know that online appointment booking is available for Dentally, which you can use to let your patients book 24/7 from your own website?

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Working Feedback + Dentally

4th July 2019

The importance of feedback in any business setting continues to be crucial in developing stronger relationships and growth.   Feedback for dental practitioners is crucial in helping to understand how patients perceive them, improving quality of care and patient satisfaction - ultimately aiding…

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Smarter automated recalls from Dentally

1st October 2018

Relationships with customers are key to any successful business in whatever industry you operate in.  Developing and maintaining strong connections to your customers is essential, communication should be seamless at every touch-point.  

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Using the Patient Birthday report to drive appointments

10th March 2017

The birthday report is a great little report that is often ignored but using it can be a great way to drive extra appointments from clients who might only come to the practice for their annual checkup.

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Using video for your dental practice marketing

12th July 2016

At Dentally we've been using video as a great tool to help our business. We started out with our support videos and then we've moved onto product videos like our Dentally for iPad video.

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Social Media for Dentists

2nd September 2015

It is absolutely essential that modern practices have an online presence. A well designed website and participation on social media can help improve customer relations and drive significant business towards your practice.

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