Working with Followapp Care

24th June 2020

Dentally is delighted to announce a new integration with FollowAppCare.

FollowApp Care is a software platform that automatically monitors your patient's health before and after their appointment.  The alert system includes COVID-19 pre-screening and post-monitoring to help you run your practice…

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Patient Portal for a seamless experience...

17th June 2020

Dentally’s Patient Portal is a way to manage the patient’s journey with your dental practice, helping you to build and develop your patient relationships. 

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Cloud innovation you can work with...

12th June 2020

Bristol Dental Specialists joined Dentally for their patient management in 2019,  we talk to Adrian Watts, Specialist in Restorative Dentistry  and Implant Surgeon and Ben Cross, Specialist Orthodontist and IT Director (two of the six founding partners of Bristol Dental Specialists) about their…

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Introducing contactless reception

4th June 2020

Dentally is delighted to announce new contactless reception features including online medical history and self check in, that has been integrated into the software to support dental practices with social distancing and covid-19 guidelines.  

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Supporting your practice restart

20th May 2020

The team at Dentally has been working hard to support our customers, developing our software to help dental practitioners reopen practices effectively in line with the Government Covid-19 guidance (as and when conditions allow). 

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Your Dentally toolkit...

20th May 2020

As you reopen your dental practice, Dentally will provide you with all the support you need through a toolkit of features, to help you adhere to Covid-19 guidance and keep your team and patients safe.

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Payment links now available

20th May 2020

Payment links are now available within Dentally, to support your return to practice as you begin to see patients in person (as and when conditions allow), encouraging social distancing by limiting contact with your reception team.

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Dentally introduces Tasks List...

13th May 2020

Our latest product update is yet another time-saving function that will ensure tasks and patient follow-up is completed and not forgotten during the busy day-to-day running of a dental practice.

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The dental software revolution...

23rd April 2020

Dentally is the UK’s leading cloud practice management software, designed in collaboration with dentists across the UK.  Dentally allows you to work from anywhere, streamline your practice and free up valuable time.

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How easy is it to use?

23rd April 2020

Making the decision to change your dental practice management software can be daunting.  There are so many factors that should be considered; Will it save time? Will it save money? Will my team be able to use it?  

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