Week 14 - tip of the week...

14th June 2019

Today in our 'Tip of the week' blog series, we are talking about treatment plan templates!

Double click on the template to create a new treatment plan from the template. Click on the 'plus' icon to add the treatment plan template to an existing treatment plan.  Learn more here: 

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Week 13 - tip of the week...

7th June 2019

Today in our 'Tip of the week' blog series, is just a simple way of ensuring your appointment is in the patient's diary!   Simple and effective.

If you hover over an appointment and then click send an email to the patient.  An email is sent to the patient with a calendar link that adds it to…

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Week twelve - tip of the week...

31st May 2019

Today in our 'Tip of the week' blog series is all about a hovering over an appointment on the clipboard and seeing a pop up of the booking notes sent through from the surgery - a handy hint when you've copied something to the clipboard, ready to paste and forgotten when it was they said they…

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Say hello to...Graham

30th May 2019

Our team is growing, and we are delighted to introduce you to a new Trainer, Graham.  We thought we would just take a moment to get to know him better....so say hello!

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Week eleven - tip of the week...

24th May 2019

Today in our 'Tip of the week' blog series we looks how you can entice more private patients to join your dental practice membership plan and how you can present this using treatment plans.  

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100% Recommendation...

22nd May 2019

Dr Krishan Patel bought Cheam Village Dental Studios only 10 months ago. The previous owner had no software in place and appointment records were kept entirely on paper. 

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Meet our Co-Founders

13th May 2019

Dentally was co-founded by Nick Davies and James Harker.   We took five minutes away from the busy world of dental software to find out more about how Dentally came about and what we would find them doing outside of the business...

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Week ten - tip of the week...

10th May 2019

Today in our 'Tip of the week' blog series we looks at cancellation reasons.  Practices can record an appointment cancellation reason by creating additional appointment reason types for example; 'cancelled by patient' etc.  This way they can cancel the appointment and then change the reason type…

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Week nine - tip of the week...

3rd May 2019

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a difference in the clinical environment.  Today in our 'Tip of the week' blog series we look at a time saving function when you are charting a patient.  A simple tip that helps periodontal charts keep everything clear and moving smoothly when you…

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Flexible recalls

30th April 2019

 Our latest new product update is yet another time-saving function that will ensure you have complete flexibility with recalls.

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