Digital Marketing for Dental Practices

16th December 2015

As a dental practice owner or manager you want to make sure you are in the best possible position to attract new patients. One way to do this is to have your digital marketing plan in place.

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Integrating patient questionnaires with Dentally

20th November 2015

Quite often you might want a patient to fill out a customer satisfaction survey or may be a new patient assessment questionnaire usually you might have to scan a pdf, destroy the paper form then store the pdf in your dental software. In this guide you'll learn how to automatically get the…

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Automatically welcome your new patients

30th October 2015

Here's how to create an automated workflow that will send new patients at your practice a series of welcome emails, to help them learn about your team and what you offer to your patients. There's 3 pieces to this puzzle:

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Breaking out of the browser

26th August 2015

At Dentally, the best dental software around, all of our customers enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Carefree backups, seamless updates and instant access from anywhere to list just a few. Being cloud based enables us to integrate with numerous other services, from appointment booking to CRM's.…

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Building Patient Practice Relationships

4th August 2015

Hi I’m Glen from the Dentally team and I will be doing a series of blog posts on how practices can build long and beneficial relationships for both the patient and practice. I hope to provide tips on how the practice and team can build a relationship with the patient which will keep the patient…

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Better email campaigns through patient segmentation

4th March 2015

Welcome to better patient marketing

Email marketing is tough. A lot of people do it badly, and you end up getting irrelevant emails in your inbox. Good marketing is relevant and useful to your patient that benefits their well-being and helps you run a healthy business.

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