Smarter automated recalls from Dentally

1st October 2018

Relationships with customers are key to any successful business in whatever industry you operate in.  Developing and maintaining strong connections to your customers is essential, communication should be seamless at every touch-point.  

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Practice Welcome Pack

7th September 2016

With the recent announcement of email attachments, Dentally has really opened up the possibilities of email in dental software.

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The Personal Touch

27th July 2016

The personal touch is something that every business needs, especially a business like dentistry where your are up close and personal with a patient.

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Using video for your dental practice marketing

12th July 2016

At Dentally we've been using video as a great tool to help our business. We started out with our support videos and then we've moved onto product videos like our Dentally for iPad video.

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How Reception can be Your Most Powerful Sales Tool

11th February 2016

Every dentist knows that getting the phone to ring with the right type of patient is no easy task. Time consuming and often times expensive, it can lead to a lot of worry.

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How support at Dentally has evolved

9th February 2016

Recently at Dentally there have been many new changes, a new version of Dentally has been released, we've moved into a new office and new staff members have joined. These may have gone unnoticed to you but one change that many Dentally users will have noticed is we have also changed how we do…

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The End-to-End Patient Experience Part 1

13th January 2016

Over the next couple of weeks we'll bring you a few articles discussing the end-to-end patient experience and how they can integrate with Dentally or other dental software that you use. This topic is so vast that we felt it was only right that we break it up a little. Today we'll be discussing…

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Digital Marketing for Dental Practices

16th December 2015

As a dental practice owner or manager you want to make sure you are in the best possible position to attract new patients. One way to do this is to have your digital marketing plan in place.

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Integrating patient questionnaires with Dentally

20th November 2015

Quite often you might want a patient to fill out a customer satisfaction survey or may be a new patient assessment questionnaire usually you might have to scan a pdf, destroy the paper form then store the pdf in your dental software. In this guide you'll learn how to automatically get the…

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Automatically welcome your new patients

30th October 2015

Here's how to create an automated workflow that will send new patients at your practice a series of welcome emails, to help them learn about your team and what you offer to your patients. There's 3 pieces to this puzzle:

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