English & Welsh 2018 NHS fees already set in Dentally

14th March 2018

The 2018 NHS fees for England and Wales have been released in recent weeks. In summary, in case you’ve missed it, they are to be the following:

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Dentally is eDental approved - NHS Scotland

31st January 2018

We are delighted to announce that Dentally is now an approved software supplier for transmitting claims to the Scottish Board via eDental.

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Dentally, the dental software revolution

9th January 2018

Dentally is an exciting UK-based healthcare technology company which provides cloud-based dental software.

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Does my internet need to be fast?

17th August 2016

Running a cloud based application is surprisingly light on data. Most people can't believe it, but because Dentally is optimised for the cloud, the amount of power and data required to run it is comparable to exploring the politics (or sport) on the BBC website.

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Why the cloud is making pen and paper practices computerise

28th July 2016

In the last couple of years at Dentally, we have seen a significant amount of pen and paper practices move to becoming fully computerised. One of the key factors relating to this is undoubtedly the cloud and the many benefits it brings.

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Improving dental software security

1st July 2016

Here at Dentally we consider the security of your data to be the most important part of cloud dental software. We're pleased to announce the release of some important new features that makes it even easier for you to manage security.

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Cloud Software V Hosted Software

9th June 2016

Don't be fooled by the quick talking salesman in a poorly fitted suit from ancient technology companies. Hosted dental software solutions are not the same thing as a cloud dental software solution. Don't let them pull the cloud over your eyes.

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Who owns your data?

2nd June 2016

If you read the latest red top newspaper, you will no doubt see the latest scary article about how your data doesn't belong to you, it's being stolen by Russian hackers and all sorts of other wonderful fairy tales. These stories make entrusting your data to the cloud, instead of a physical…

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What does cloud-based dental software actually mean?

31st March 2016

More and more frequently we are hearing the ominous-sounding buzzwords ‘the cloud’. Unless you're an IT professional or very familiar with computing, the phrase can be a little intimidating. So what exactly is the cloud, and how does it impact you as a dental professional?

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IT Security

1st March 2016

Often times we get asked about basic IT security in a practice as practice managers are unsure how exactly to secure their IT and data assets. We understand the worry as at Dentally securing data is the most important thing we do. Most practices don't have the resources to have data protected by…

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