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Stoke Road Dental Practice

Vijay Raichura from Stoke Road Dental Practice, talk about their experience of using Dentally.

Stoke Road Dental Practice talk about using Dentally
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Customer profile

Name: Stoke Road Dental Practice

Practice Partner: Vijay Raichura, Practice Owning Dentist

Type: Mixed Practice

Previous system: Carestream R4

Stoke Road Dental Practice provide high quality general dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, whitening, teeth straightening and domiciliary dental care. They invest in the latest technology and materials and all their staff receive regular training to improve knowledge and skills in order to provide a superior service.

“ I have always found Dentally to have a first-class customer service and IT software support service. From the beginning, in terms of cost, value for money, professionalism and training, Dentally has been excellent”.

Vijay Raichura, Stoke Road Dental Practice


Tell us about your practice?

Our experienced team of dentists, therapists and nurses at Stoke Road Dental Practice are passionate about our patient's oral health needs. Myself and my wife, Reena along with our team provide a wide range of treatments from simple fillings to advanced, and cosmetic dental care.

Why choose Dentally?

They are committed to continuing our professional development, as well as using the latest techniques and technology to meet patients’ needs; earning us a reputation for quality dental care and personal customer service. Since 2016 Dentally has helped to improve the efficiency of our patient management, allowing the practice to offer a complete service from appointment setting and reminders to detailed treatment planning - presenting well laid out treatment options with associated estimates for the work that is needed.

What are the key benefits of Dentally?

The software is so easy to use and versatile and the layout appealing compared with competitors. I have found that the team at Dentally are still always eager to help.


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