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Ashley Dental

Dr Karen Wildin Magnani, from Ashley Dental  talks about their experience of using Dentally.

Ashley Dental talk about using Dentally
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Customer profile

Name: Ashley Dental

Practice Partner: Dr Karen Wildin Magnani

Type: Private

Previous system: Carestream R4

Ashley Dental is in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey. The practice provides preventative dentistry to maintain healthy teeth and offer a full range of dental treatments including cosmetic dentistry. It is a private practice with a small 13% exempt NHS patients and children.

"I would personally recommend Dentally".

Dr Karen Wildin Magnani - Ashley Dental

Tell us about your practice?

Ashley Dental is in Walton-On-Thames,  we focus on preventative dentistry to maintain healthy teeth and offer a full range of dental treatments including cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, teeth whitening, implants, root canal, oral health checks and emergency care. The practice was previously paper-based, so the decision to move to the right patient management solution did mean we had concerns about moving to IT, reliance on the wi-fi, and how we would cope with not being able to see a physical paper book. 

However, Dentally's easy to use system, without the need for expensive IT and time consuming updates offered the perfect solution for our practice.

Why Dentally?

The main reason we chose Dentally was the fact it was cloud-based and we could access the system from home.  It is clear and easy to use.

What are the key benefits of Dentally?

Dentally has enabled us to go fully computerised and paper free in most aspects. It enables us to write good clear notes that any of our dentists or practitioners can read and act upon. It also helps a lot that we can access our notes from anywhere - I can write notes quickly and more easily than before. Importantly, charting is very clear and easy to use.

Another important factor for us was the reassurance that if the system crashed, then we had a great back-up in place.

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