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Onboarding that you can count on

Onboarding is a term used in any software transition, and so it has several different meanings depending on the context!  For Dentally it is the process that our team will take you through once you have made the decision to move your patient management software.

If you are interested in finding out more about the simple steps involved in moving to Dentally, then take a look at our blog ‘It’s simple to switch’ to learn more.

Emma Walker, Practice Manager at Church View Dental Care talks about their experience...

The team at Church View Dental Care

1. Welcome to Dentally and data migration

Once the practice has signed on the dotted line, our onboarding team welcome the new practice to Dentally with a series of steps including arranging the data migration and agreeing key dates for going live.

Emma, talks about their decision to move and what happened next:  “We are a mainly private practice who had previously been using SOE Exact. We decided to move our patient management software to Dentally because it was cost effective and cloud based.

We were of course worried that we would all be challenged by the change, but with the help of the Dentally trainer, Adam, and the continuous support we have received - it has been a doddle!

The handover from the sales was fantastic, very smooth to the onboarding team, they had a complete understanding of why we were moving and our set up.

The data migration was quick and easy, it was arranged at a convenient date and time to suit us and we had plenty of time to check the data in the new system before we went fully live”.

2. Training

Training then takes place and this often includes two days onsite at the practice.

“The data migration process was then followed by two days of onsite training, it was brilliant.  

Everything was thoroughly explained and we were able to have time as a group and individually to run through using different elements of the software through the course of the training.”, explains Emma.

3. On-going support

So what about the follow up care you have received since going live with Dentally?

Emma answers; “The support team are a blessing! Always on hand to answer my (sometimes obvious) questions.   In particular I like the live chat as it means I'm not on hold waiting for someone on the phone for ages, I can simply type my question and someone usually gets back to me within 15 minutes.  

I would rate the service 10/10, I have recommended Dentally to lots of practices already!

Everyone in our team is getting on really well with it.   The ease of working from home to finish off notes right through to checking patients in on the calendar is great”.

4. We are up and running!

So now the team at Church View Dental Care are live and using Dentally, we asked Emma what it has done for the practice and which key features they like?

“The simplicity of it. Everything looks cleaner and less fussy.  As Practice Manager, I love the reporting as I no longer have to print anything as you can click to access a patient directly or export to excel.

Key benefits of Dentally I would say are it is very user friendly, easy to look at and it gave us a brilliant opportunity to clean up everything”.

As you can see it is simple to move to Dentally, there is no hassle, no expensive IT requirements – just a straightforward process to ensure that you switch over from your previous system is seamless.  

So if you like the team at Church View Dental Care and over 5,000 other dental professionals want to work smarter, work remotely and work securely with Dentally, simply email us  

Customer Profile:

Name: Church View Dental Care, Leeds

Practice Manager: Emma Walker

Type: Private

Church View Dental Care treats mainly private practice patients offering implants, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry including facial aesthetics. In addition they also offer NHS treatment for children of their private patients.  

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