NHS downtime 25th - 28th January 2016 - Procedure for Dentally NHS Clients

Posted by James Harker on 25-Jan-2016 09:50:00
James Harker

You should have recently received an email from the NHS informing you that your practice will not be able to transmit EDI claims between 8am on 25th January and 3pm on 28th January whilst the NHS perform a system upgrade.

We appreciate that your practice can be very busy and even the slightest changes in workflow can cause disruption. I'm happy to tell you that during this period you can continue to submit NHS claims through Dentally as usual. We will simply queue up all of the claims that you've submitted and transmit them to the NHS on the afternoon of the 28th of Jan.

Whilst the claims are queued, they'll have the status New however after they've been transmitted to the NHS you will see that the status will be updated to Submitted. The claims will then remain Submitted until at least the 8th of Feb which is when the NHS will resume normal operations.

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