How to update Dentally

Posted by Rob Gardner on 10-Mar-2016 11:46:46
Rob Gardner

One of the questions we are often asked by potential customers is how does the practice update Dentally? The answer is: You don't!

One of the worries that customers bring to us is how the software and the computer interact. The worry is that because they are both different systems that if something changes with one of them it may effect how they both communicate. Something as simple as a computer update can throw off how they communicate with the in-practice server.

Luckily, as Dentally is cloud-based you don't have to worry about this. You can have peace of mind that Dentally will always work. As our dental software is browser based it will always work with your computer, whether you update your computer regularly or not at all!

The Updating Process

As Dentally is cloud based customers often find that there are updates to the system throughout the day. These updates will never stop a receptionist working the appointment book or a practitioner taking a BPE. The system simply tells you that there is an update available and if you refresh your browser it will be applied. It's that simple!

Before updates are pushed through to the application they are thoroughly tested by our product team. Once the update is tested and confirmed it is pushed to the application and from there, to your browser. It's a seamless experience, no need for messy updates to a server or a computer, or even worse - a system restore after a bad update!

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