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Dentally is eDental approved - NHS Scotland

We are delighted to announce that Dentally is now an approved software supplier for transmitting claims to the Scottish Board via eDental.

This means that current NHS Scotland dental practices running other dental practice management systems (PMS), can now be upgraded straight to eDental by migrating to Dentally, including those currently transmitting via the older EDI system.

As an exciting cloud-based dental software, we are already supporting several NHS Scotland practices, alongside the many private Scottish practices whom we have supplied for years.

There’s a wide variety of benefits in moving your practice to Dentally and the cloud. Some key benefits that generally go down best are:

  1. access from anywhere for management
  2. access with unlimited number of PCs or Macs
  3. integrated backup taking and testing
  4. not needing to buy or maintain a server at the practice

Find further information of what the cloud means to dentists in Scotland and worldwide, on our blog post here. eDental is just one of many new features we are constantly adding to Dentally.

If you have any questions about Dentally, the eDental integration, or want to see the system in action - feel free to get in touch.

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