Changelog 14th December 2015

Posted by James Harker on 14-Dec-2015 18:12:24
James Harker

New - You can now add notes to appointments in the chart. Read more about it here

New - Postcode address finder. Read about it here

New - Appointments in the chart can now be made "unbookable". But you already knew that because you read our announcement about appointments above.

Improved - We've spent a lot of time improving the performance of Dentally. It's quicker than ever before.

Improved - You can now selected the justification of an x-ray from a predefined list. You lucky ducks.

Improved - When viewing a patient's correspondence history, you can now see which template was used to generate the letter.

Improved - Better error messages if a user tried to add a treatment to the chart but they don't have the correct permission level. We'll try make any error messages more user friendly in future, we promise.

Improved - Emergency appointments without patients are now striped in the calendar, making them easier to view. It makes it look like a candy cane - very seasonal.

Improved - You can now view which practitioner a payment had been allocated to from the patients account page.

Fixed - You can now correctly see all of a patient's unbooked appointments from the calendar.

Fixed - Only 50 of the 100 recall letters were being printed if you had 100 recalls selected. This has now been fixed. Let's never talk of it again.

Fixed - You can now view which practitioner a payment had been allocated to from the patients account page. We're repeating this to see if you're paying attention.

Fixed - NHS exemptions now only show for NHS patients.

Fixed - Previously, the dashboard showed part-paid invoices as fully unpaid meaning that the amount that was unpaid was displayed as higher than it should have been.

Fixed - The "Method" column on the takings report sometimes wouldn't show if exported and opened in older versions of Microsoft Excel. It does now. Take that Bill Gates.

Fixed - The list of a patient's unbooked appointments could occasionally report different data depending where in Dentally you viewed the list.