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Sam Clarke
Sales Consultant at Dentally

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English & Welsh 2018 NHS fees already set in Dentally

14th March 2018

The 2018 NHS fees for England and Wales have been released in recent weeks. In summary, in case you’ve missed it, they are to be the following:

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Dentally is eDental approved - NHS Scotland

31st January 2018

We are delighted to announce that Dentally is now an approved software supplier for transmitting claims to the Scottish Board via eDental.

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Dentally, the dental software revolution

9th January 2018

Dentally is an exciting UK-based healthcare technology company which provides cloud-based dental software.

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So you want to move to Dentally...?

9th August 2016

So you're thinking of moving over to Dentally? Fair play, we're a great dental software solution which I'm sure you will love.

Why the cloud is making pen and paper practices computerise

28th July 2016

In the last couple of years at Dentally, we have seen a significant amount of pen and paper practices move to becoming fully computerised. One of the key factors relating to this is undoubtedly the cloud and the many benefits it brings.

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Automating processes to improve practice efficiency Part 1

14th June 2016

Successfully implementing a marketing plan is becoming more and more of a necessity when you are a dental practice owner. How can you automate some of these processes to help you save time, and are there any ways that your dental software can help you out?

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Dentally on a high

13th May 2016

Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowden – Dentally are coming to get you!

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What does cloud-based dental software actually mean?

31st March 2016

More and more frequently we are hearing the ominous-sounding buzzwords ‘the cloud’. Unless you're an IT professional or very familiar with computing, the phrase can be a little intimidating. So what exactly is the cloud, and how does it impact you as a dental professional?

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The Museums of Amsterdam

26th February 2016

This post is part of our Friday Feeling series. A different take on life from someone at Dentally each week-ish (we're not all about Dental Software!). This week our Sales Lead, Nick, tells us about his recent trip to Amsterdam.

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High Sugar Levels in Drinks, Not Just for Christmas?

23rd February 2016

Last year, over the festive period, a dental health insurance company campaigned to raise awareness of the quantity of sugar which many are consuming, completely unaware of the incredibly high levels within their favourite festive tipples.

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