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Rob Gardner
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The Matter of Consent

22nd June 2016

The matter of consent always opens a very interesting discussion within the dental profession. It is vitally important for dental professionals to be up-to-date with the most current best practice when it comes to consent.

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Green is the new black

15th June 2016

Going green has never been easier for a dental practice. There are many incentives and benefits to doing so. A sustainable approach to going green can help a dental practice reduce waste, save energy and water, and can be very cost effective. Going green is inherently innovative, as it saves…

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Dentally for iPad

13th June 2016

We are really excited to announce the release of Dentally for iPad! It's been something that has been in the works for a while, and some of you have even been lucky enough to see it in action at our recent shows. If you head to the app store right now you can download it and see for yourself.

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Cloud Software V Hosted Software

9th June 2016

Don't be fooled by the quick talking salesman in a poorly fitted suit from ancient technology companies. Hosted dental software solutions are not the same thing as a cloud dental software solution. Don't let them pull the cloud over your eyes.

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Who owns your data?

2nd June 2016

If you read the latest red top newspaper, you will no doubt see the latest scary article about how your data doesn't belong to you, it's being stolen by Russian hackers and all sorts of other wonderful fairy tales. These stories make entrusting your data to the cloud, instead of a physical…

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How to handle complaints

17th May 2016

Despite that you give the best possible care to a patient every single time, you will eventually receive a complaint, a criticism or a comment about your practice or your care.

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Creating a culture in your practice

13th May 2016

Culture in any company is important. It is a part of every bit of your company. But how do you influence it?

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Instant Messaging

7th April 2016

In a world ruled by Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and Kik, people expect dental software to come with instant messaging as standard. This is understandable so people are often surprised when we tell that Dentally doesn't have instant messenger.

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How to get the most out of your dental software

29th March 2016

Dental software is one of the largest investments in a dental practice. Cost is not the only factor as you have to invest hours into learning every feature to get the full use from the dental software.

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Is your practice spending too much?

17th March 2016

As a practice owner your mind is often on the bottom line. Tasked with being both a dental practitioner and a businessman is no mean feat but you must always be aware of how your practice is doing. With that said what are some things that practice owners can do to save money?

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