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Rob Gardner
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Product update: Login hours

3rd October 2016

We released a small but powerful update that you might have missed (we normally post these in our changelog), but as we've received a few questions about the release I thought I would let you know a little more about it.

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Introducing Kevin: Our newest team member!

29th September 2016

As Dentally continues to grow we're delighted to welcome Kevin to our team. Kevin is our latest Account Manager and will be helping train and support our customers. He's managed to find a few minutes to let us know a little bit more about him, check it out below.

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Practice Welcome Pack

7th September 2016

With the recent announcement of email attachments, Dentally has really opened up the possibilities of email in dental software.

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How flexible is Dentally

25th August 2016

One of the areas where we wholly beat the competitors is in the flexibility that our dental software offers. Being cloud-based means that you can access Dentally from home with the exact same functionality that you expect from your dental software in the surgery.

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Does my internet need to be fast?

17th August 2016

Running a cloud based application is surprisingly light on data. Most people can't believe it, but because Dentally is optimised for the cloud, the amount of power and data required to run it is comparable to exploring the politics (or sport) on the BBC website.

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What hardware do you need for Dentally?

4th August 2016

UPDATE: This blog post is now out of date. You can find the most recent and up to date version of our system requirements here.


When it comes to dental software there is a broad spectrum of what the hardware requirements are for each system. Dental software that requires an in-practice server…

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The Personal Touch

27th July 2016

The personal touch is something that every business needs, especially a business like dentistry where your are up close and personal with a patient.

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The NHS Healthcheck

22nd July 2016

Keeping on top of your NHS contract can be tough, no doubt about it. During training we are often asked what the best way of keeping track of whether a practice is meeting the targets in their NHS contract and how to manage it. Of course, every practice runs a little differently but we have a…

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Using dental software for out-of-hours

6th July 2016

As practice managers will know all too well, most dental practices have some sort of out-of-office hours or emergency cover scheme in place. Sometimes this particular responsibility is transferred to the NHS but other times dental practice owners can decide to run some form of 24 hour care for…

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Why we have have improved your dental security

1st July 2016

When it comes to dental software security, as with any software, the weakest link in the chain is most often the user of the system. Our security was already above industry standard, but we added even more security to the system with out latest update which is detailed here.

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