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Jonny Wheeler
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Auto explanations revisited

22nd May 2018

Since the early days Dentally has featured automatic invoice & payment explanations. This great timesaver is enjoyed by many users, however our initial implementation was rather conservative and only linked invoices and payments when there was an exact match.

DIY Smoked Salmon

25th March 2016

This post is part of our Friday Feeling series. A different take on life from someone at Dentally each week-ish (we're not all about Dental Software!). This week one of our product team, Jonny, tells us all about his smoked salmon hobby.

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NHS - What is Compass?

23rd March 2016

Unless you have been buried by a pile of FP17s battling to catch up with your end of year UDA target you would have no doubt had some exposure to Compass-gate; the rollout of NHS Dental Services latest IT mega project. Although several bulletins and statements released by the NHS Business…

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Changelog 19th February 2016

19th February 2016

Just a quick update today...

Custom Fields

12th February 2016

We've gotten quite a few requests from many of you asking whether it would be possible for users to edit fields in the patient's details. You might want to store an additional phone number, email or other sorts of information.

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The Cloud and Dental Software - Is It Safe? Part 2

28th January 2016
Physical Security

Lastly there is the physical security of the devices that the data is stored on. In data centres access to the machines which store and process your patient information is extremely tightly controlled and equipped with CCTV and security patrols. A far cry from your average…

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The Cloud and Dental Software - Is it safe? Part 1

25th January 2016

In this article one of our programmers, Jonny, discusses the cloud, dental software and the safety of cloud based data. This the first in a series of posts on the subject. I hope you find them informative.

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404 - The NHS servers could not be found

19th January 2016

You will have probably heard that from the 25th of January 2016 the NHS Dental Services processing systems will be taken offline for 4 days while they update their systems. There is no doubt that this is a much needed update to a creaking legacy system but this does throw up some interesting…

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Radiograph Audit Report

18th November 2015

Auditing the quality of your radiographs is an essential part of running any dental practice. In fact it is a requirement to maintain a quality assurance program for acquiring radiographs. Regular auditing of your radiographs provides you with vital feedback to help you how you may improve your…

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Breaking out of the browser

26th August 2015

At Dentally, the best dental software around, all of our customers enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Carefree backups, seamless updates and instant access from anywhere to list just a few. Being cloud based enables us to integrate with numerous other services, from appointment booking to CRM's.…

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