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NEW: Telephone calling within Dentally...

2nd April 2020

We are delighted to announce some exciting new product news!  We have introduced the ability make telephone calls from within Dentally.

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Integration to streamline your practice

2nd April 2020

Integration of software and systems is key in any business, especially in light of the need for more task automation to free up valuable staff time in an environment of increased admin burden in today’s dentistry field.

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Our experience of remote training...

1st April 2020

During these challenging times, the Dentally onboarding team are able to deliver comprehensive training remotely to a group or to individuals in different locations using a live video link - all you need is a computer and internet access. The remote training is run in the same detailed manner that…

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New Security Feature

1st April 2020

 At Dentally, security is at the heart of our software design - and our latest product innovation reflects that ethos.

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New Feature: Cancellation Reasons

30th March 2020

Dentally is delighted to announce yet more functionality to its software with the introduction of appointment cancellation reasons.

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Essential reporting

26th March 2020

Reports in any business are essential. They enable you to plan and make strategic decisions; produce data to make and justify decisions; follow up and track certain aspects; develop financial forecasts; create marketing plans and ensure the business is ultimately successful.  Reporting is not just…

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Set up online booking for telephone triage

25th March 2020

If you are setting up a telephone triage system so that you can offer advice and deal with dental emergencies, then you may wish to set up a facility to allow patients to make their own appointment through an online link.

Telephone Triage

23rd March 2020

During these uncertain times as our society protects itself against the spread of Covid-19, at Dentally we completely understand and support the need for dental teams to adjust to new ways of dealing with the provision of emergency dentistry, whilst complying with social distancing measures and…

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Put your trust in cloud security

19th March 2020

Security of data is important for dental practitioners. In a recent survey we undertook of dentists, 95% of respondents advised that data is a key area of concern and so at Dentally it goes without saying that we take this matter very seriously!

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Cloud reduces IT costs

12th March 2020

If you cut through all the noise, jargon and chatter about patient management software, ultimately not only do you want it to resolve the issues you have within your dental practice whether these are clinical or administrative, but you want a solution that will allow you to move forward by…

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